Stewardship and Finance Ministry
“to ask alms of those who enter the temple…” Acts 3:2


What do these numbers mean? For those of you who have gardened or farmed, you might think it is the formula for fertilizer – the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (though that would be a lot of potassium). In fact, those numbers are “Smart Money” percentages for making good choices as stewards of God’s financial blessings.

Here are two resources that you can use to evaluate your own stewardship of money or help teach responsible money choices to your children. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has produced a board games called “Triple Challenge.” We have a copy in our Resource Library. The other resource is on the web at This is another program to help teach responsible stewardship choices. Though intended specifically for teens – it starts with the scenario “5 teens went to the mall. Each had $50…” – all of us, young people and adults, can use it to help make wise stewardship decisions.

The premise of both of these programs is the l0-l0-80 concepts. Basically, you divide your money into 3 parts. Your regular expenses are allocated 80% of your income. Savings and sharing each get l0%. Our children have 3 jars they use to divide their allowance: Spend, Save and Share (Give Away money). They are learning to make wise decisions with their money.

Check out these new stewardship resources for you and your family!

Simply Giving is a wonderful program which allows you to feel confident your gifts and offerings are regularly received. It is a program of commitment to give weekly, even on Sundays when you may not be able to attend worship. It is a simple program. Simply sign up by filling out a form with your intended weekly gift, the day each week you want it withdrawn from your bank account and put it in the financial secretary’s mailbox. If you want something to put in the offering plate, a card can be supplied. Also, if your finances change, your commitment can easily be adjusted!

Just One More encourages each person to try “just one more” activity, ministry or worship service. For those active, it broadens one’s horizons. For those tentative to get active, it provides a chance to explore where one’s ministry might be.